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Boards & Commissions

Tax Board of Appeals
Jack Skees
Mark Haynes
Rebecca J. Loyall
Library Board
Marlane Youngblood
Kevin Addington
Becky Schroeder
Will Flanagan
Melody Goodin

Planning & Development Commission
Larry B. Jaggers II
Steve Steck
Danny Percell
Mark Hinton
Greg Lowe
Jennifer B. Oldham
(Legal Counsel)

Solid Waste Appeals Board
Fred Clem, Chair
Steve Smith
Darrell Joiner

Water District #1
Jim Bruce -General Manager
Ron Hockman
Howard Williams
William Gosset
James Shelton
John Tindall

Water District #2
James Jeffries-General Manager
Mike Bell
Morris Miller
John Effinger
Cordell Tabb
Tim Davis

Extension Board
Sue Carlin
Bobby Gaslin
Becky Miller
Bettye Mae Raymer
Chuck Crutcher
Patrick Preston

Board of Ethics
Caleb Bland
Annette Baker
Marcy Duplesis
Mary Williams
Burt Walker
Hardin County Planning Board of Adjustment
Robert Krausman
Steve Steck
Greg Youngblood

Hardin County Board of Health
Harry Berry
Garry King
John J. Duplessis, Jr. DMD
Michael Nethers, M.D
Leanne A. Pearman, M.D
Jenifer Page-Maier
Deborah L. Hanson, R.N, B.S.N
Kevin Sullivan, R Ph
Vicki Meredith
Will Flanagan, DVM
Karen Blaiklock
Joseph (Jody) Prather, II
Dale Souleyrette

Lincoln Trail Aging Advisory Council
Ted Brown
Maurice Lucas
Linda Clements
Paul Steenbergen
Lela Williams
Barbara Edwards
Tommy Turner
Mary Dixon
Lottie Robey
Ernest Taylor
Daisy Coleman
Marchell Hill
Vickie Zaborowski
Karen Blaiklock
Dorothy Logsdon
Luke Barlowe

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